Service Charter of Alimosho General Hospital

Service charter is an instrument that sets out the basic rights and principles governing the provision of services to citizens.

The aim of the service charters team of Alimosho General Hospital is to go beyond the basic and expected to an exceptional Customer care.


Description of services provided
Service delivery pledges
Service Standards
Cost of Services
Complaints and redress mechanism.

It is your right to complaint or provide feedback.


Service Delivery
Information (Transparency and communication)
Staff attitude.

We are open to constructive critics, Comment and Commendation. Your right and obligations are as follow.


We constantly seek to improve the quality of our care. There are a number of things you can do to help us give you a better service. Please remember to:
Follow the treatment plan recommended by your physician or nursing care provider.

1. Keep appointments and, when unable to do so, notify the outpatients’ department member.
2. Take responsibility for your actions if you refuse treatment or do not follow your physician’s instructions.
3. Bring any documents we may need. For example, your hospital card, your means of identification (ID card etc.), prescriptions, referral documents if you have been referred to us by another clinic or any record card from other clinics or healthcare providers.
4. Give your physician all the details about your condition, any illness you may had, pay hospitalizations, any medication you are taking, any allergies you may have and any other matter relating to your health. Remember, the more said the better.
5. Report unexpected changes in your condition to your physician.
6. Ask your physician to explain again if you have not fully understood the recommended course of instructions.
7. Co-operate with health staff by obeying standard rules and regulations geared at making your stay in the hospital comfortable.
8. Maintain a good level of hygiene while in the hospital premises and avoid littering of the premises.
9. Give accurate and reliable information about staff or services to help the management in improving quality of services.
10. Utilize the facility’s property properly and not abuse or damage them.
11. Kindly channel any complaint or feedback through the front desk officers, on the complaint/feedback box or available phone numbers.

Respect our staff, be polite and treat our staff with respect and courtesy, as verbal or physical abuse towards any of our staff will not be tolerated or accepted.

Pay appropriate fee before service except in emergency cases.


A patient has some inherent rights under the law and these can be summarized as follows:
1. A patient has a right to know the clinic/hospital rules and charges before getting treated/admitted.
2. A patient has absolute right to privacy, consultation, physical examination, case discussion, procedures and the right to have his management kept confidential.
3. He has a right to ask any person who is not directly involved in his treatment, examination, etc. not to be present;
4. He has a right to know about the nature of illness, and reports of investigations; it is the patient’s right to know the necessity of treatment; alternative modes of treatment; risk of pursuing the treatment/undergoing a surgery including their inherent risks and complications; probable duration of treatment; prognosis (chances of recovery) illness in the language he can understand.
5. A patient has a right to the doctor to write in the prescription, the name of disease he is suffering form, the finding of the doctor or in brief the probable diagnosis, the name and dose of the drugs he is dispensing and procedure and investigations he does or ordered to be done on him.
6. It is equally a patient’s right to seek consultation from another doctor/specialist.
7. It is his right as a patient to refuse further medical care. He can leave against medical advice, to the extent that it does not contravene any law. In case he decides to quit treatment against medical advice, he has right to obtain details of investigation and treatment undergone. Patient has right to refuse reasonable treatment even if it is unreasonable to do so. It is his right to get medical record.
8. It is his right to obtain a medical certificate of illness/fitness.
9. It is a right of the relative/attendant of a deceased patient to obtain a death certificate from the doctor/hospital which last treated the deceased and,
10. It is his right as a patient, to examine and receive an explanation about the bill of the doctor/hospital and a receipt of the amount paid, regardless of the source of payment.